Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Explore the delicious taste chocolate krispie cakes


Yes, I know, I'm a little late on this recipe for Rice squares, circulating on the blogosphere for a while now .. But amateur revenue Anglo-Saxon (yes you heard right, and it should), I've been tempted. At first it was more for the fun aspect of the recipe that the squares of Rice Krispies with marshmallows! I found it amusing to melt marshmallows and mix them with grain.Yes you will Explore the delicious taste chocolate krispie cakes.

Finally, I loved these granola bars! It's super good! A little sweet but still delicious. It looks very light in the mouth could swallow a ton! I have not tried to check the popularity rating of my Rice Krispies Treats with my nephew and niece but I'm sure they would have loved.In the house until done never The easy way to make chocolate krispie cakes.

Only downside to the Parisians, like me, it became a real challenge to find Rice Krispies in a supermarket ... But perhaps you have better luck than me (that said, many of my colleagues have checked each in their neighborhood and it was the same conclusion: no Rice Krispies). To believe that it is more fashionable, a little too old school puffed rice which is pop!

chocolate krispie cakes INGREDIENTS:

chocolate krispie cakes INGREDIENTS


rice krispies

180 g

butter, melted

50 g

Mar swallow (Rocky Mountain for me

290 g

teaspoon vanilla extract

1 / 2

pinch of salt

1 large

chocolate krispie cakes Preparation

Start with butter a square baking dish about 22 cm sides.

Then in a pan, put your butter to melt (choose a large saucepan) over low heat. Pour marshmallows and stir until completely liquefied marshmallows. It takes a few minutes and is very sticky! Pour the vanilla and salt and stir.

Off the heat, pour the Rice Krispies in the pan and stir well mostly! It's super sticky, I warn you. Then, without waiting, pour the mixture into your mold by flattening with a spatula greased so that it does not stick.

Let cool to room temperature. An hour later, cut your squares or bars. Enjoy with a cup of milk for example.

They keep very well a few days in an airtight container.

Enjoy with your chocolate Chocolate crispy cakes!


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